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Your Complete Communications System

The Guardian PSI team have become experts at developing systems for any industrial scenario. We are unparalleled in our ability to develop effective, efficient solutions for a network of any size. Across Western Canada we are the first name in both industrial and first responder network development where providing fail-safe coverage for mission critical communications occur every day.


Our expertise enables us to provide an accurate, detailed appraisal of your current system, as well as design additions and extensions that ensure complete integration of old and new, as well as the ability to link past and present technology and ensure your system will work into the future with new and innovative designs. 

Our Engineering Team can provide detailed system and needs analysis, while our project management and implementation team ensure that your system is deployed to the highest possible standards. Whether you are starting from scratch, upgrading an existing system, or seeking any type of network design monitoring, Guardian PSI is your first choice for development. 

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