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Guardian PSI Business Philosophy

It is no secret that we are living in fast-paced times where rapid advancements in technology make it difficult to distinguish a properly planned communications network from a poor one. Often, communications networks are seen as “tech-savvy” with all the bells and whistles that come with the marketing they offer. It is not uncommon that some companies tend to neglect planning for productivity. As long as they deliver the goods in terms of service, the underlying planning process to establish the networks often appears to be pushed back in the sidelines or given less priority. As business managers fall into the pressures of deadlines and start-up dates, the trend on keeping system planning time short in the strategic business development of networks is always a risk that many network integrators encounter. 


Simply put, having a reliable partner who plans with effectiveness and proper expertise is a crucial commitment in the part of the operators to be competitive in the business world of communications. To anticipate and accommodate key future technologies and to be in a position to take full and swift advantage of these key technologies as they become available should be a key in all planning processes. 


Guardian Professional Services Incorporated has delved into this philosophy. Guardian is Alberta’s leader in the provision, delivery and maintenance of network communications systems and engineered wireless backbone systems for Enterprise, Institutional, Natural Resource and Public Safety clients. Founded in 1977, Guardian has 36 years of operations in Alberta, offering our clients design installation and ongoing support of complex wireless systems and solutions. 


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